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Before buying a house, get a water damage and mold inspection

Last September a company assisted a young couple who wanted to buy their dream home. We wanted a thorough home inspection that checked for water damage and mold contamination.

The house was only six years old, but the couple still insisted on including a mold inspection as a condition of purchase.

The day of the inspection arrived and everything started well. The inspector first assessed the outside of the house and found no problem. But things went wrong when he went to the interior inspection, he found major problems.

Mold is not always visible to the naked eye, it can grow behind walls, plywood and other structural elements.

During the inspection, mold was discovered and sent for testing. After several months of research and a lot of disappointments, the couple had finally discovered what they thought was the home of their dreams.

Inspecting a home for mold

Inside, the inspector used a hygrometer and found that the relative humidity was much higher than normal. He also noticed something strange: there was a humidifier attached to the heater that was supposedly running constantly.

In addition, in the basement, there were cracks in the foundation with water stains and moister in the area. After further examination, the home inspector also noticed that outside the grade sloped towards the house foundation drawing water into the basement.

The home inspector then conducted an infrared scan in the basement and discovered that mold was present there as well. There was mold also behind all the walls of the house.

water-damage-inspectionWhile continuing his inspection, he found high humidity in the basement is causing mold growth.

All this led the inspector to believe that the house had damage problems in the past.

This story shows that before buying a home, you should consider getting a mold inspection in addition to a home inspection.
You do not want to end up with a house full of black mold without knowing it. And if you buy it anyway, you can at least make sure that the sellers pay for the elimination of mold.

Expert Advice From Flood Damage Expert

“Floods, leaks, condensation and humidity are problems that can cause costly damage to your property and compromise the structural integrity of your home”, says Jay Williams a water damage expert in Charlotte.
“And if they are not treated quickly, water damage can quickly become a health threat because it promotes the formation and growth of toxic molds”.

That’s why an inspection is essential. It will help find the source of moisture, assess damage and prevent other problems (such as mold growth).
A local home inspector specializing in thermal imaging that offers complete thermographic inspections for water damage can detect hidden problems such as mold.


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