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Moving Home Checklist


They are so many things that need to be done before you move to another place, from checking your paperwork to making sure everything you bring with you will be stored safely by the moving company.

Moving out without a plan can be incredibly stressful, especially if you find out in the last couple days that there is no way you can store all of your belongings in your car or that you can’t move by yourself because your friend is busy and you need a moving company.

Planning in advance is crucial, it can save you a few gray hairs and save your belongings from stored poorly or damaged.

Not to mention you may have an unpleasant surprise if you plan to move into a condo without checking first on what days moving in is allowed.In some condos on Saturday is not allowed to use the service elevator.

To help you out, I’ve created a checklist of the most important things you should do to make your transition from one home to another smoothly.

Decided what’s a keeper

We all own clothes, shoes or books we never use.

Why not donate them instead of moving them around without actually using them?Go through every room and decide what are the things you actually use and what are the things you don’t or you dislike.

Someone might enjoy it, it could be a friend of or someone who can’t afford new clothes or books.Find out if there is a Salvation Army donation center near you and make someone smile.

Also, put in separate boxes belongings that require special care, or special packing.

Ask yourself if you need help

If you want to take with you to your new places bigger items such as furniture or fragile objects, you shouldn’t count on your friends even if they are well-intentioned.

It’s very easy to damage certain items when cramming them into a smaller car.From scratches on your furniture to broken vases and so on.

Instead, contact a professional moving service and ask them to help you out if you don’t wanna risk leaving some of your belongings behind just because they don’t fit in one car.

Consider self-storage services

If you are moving out in a smaller place yet you don’t want to leave most of your belongings behind, consider a self-storage service to help you out.

Many of us move to bigger cities and end up living in small apartments to save some money but after a while, we move to bigger places, wouldn’t be a shame to leave some of your belongings if there is the chance for you to use them one day again?

Order boxes and take measurements of the new place

The used box usually has a scent to it, especially if we are speaking about boxes that once had food or drinks inside them.

Make sure you order clean boxes and containers for special items along with tape, markers and whatever is necessary to keep your items organized and safe.

Before you do so, make sure you know how much space there is in your next location, this will help you determine if you need self-storage services, if all of your furniture will be fit in and so on.

Labeling each box will help as well.This way you will know where everything is when you unpack, plus you will know where your essentials are and take those first.

Don’t use newspaper or colored paper since the ink can bleed on your clothes and damage them in the process.

Change your address and find a new health provider

Not changing your address right away may create some trouble down the road.

These days you can change your address from the comfort of your home as long as you have an internet connection.

You can find out more about the steps you should take to change your address online at

Also, arrange for your medical history to be sent to your new healthcare provider, if you don’t have one, research online which clinics have the highest ratings in the area.

If you suffer from a condition that needs continuous treatment and you aren’t sure you will have access to a doctor right after you move, make sure you speak with your current health provider about refilling your prescription.

Ask the moving company what items they can’t accept

For example, nail polish is considered a hazardous material.Many household items including detergents ins and some paints that contain certain chemicals need to be carried by you personally to your next location.

On top of it, if you have important papers and documents, make sure you take them with you personally in a small bag.These items can be transported by moving companies, but if they get lost, you can’t replace them.

Contributed by: Greg Clarke Royal Lepage Realtor serving Vernon and Kelowna

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Moving Home Checklist


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Moving Home Checklist


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Moving Home Checklist


Thank you both so much for all your help in finding us this great home! We are really happy here and are loving the beautiful hanging baskets too so thank you. We really appreciate all you have done and will gladly recommend you!
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