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Attractions around British Columbia


–When you think about content that focuses on attractions, it’s usually geared toward tourists. People want to know what there is to do in a given city or region before visiting. However, it’s perfectly ordinary to be curious about the same topics if you’re moving to an area. Sure, you’ll have a chance to establish your own home, get to know new neighbors, and generally make your new location about more than its surrounding attractions (whereas a tourist has limited time to enjoy what’s offered). But it still doesn’t hurt to know, broadly speaking, how people in a given region keep themselves entertained!

With that in mind, we’re looking a little bit beyond the Okanagan Valley and discussing some of the main attractions in the British Columbia region as a whole. Any of the following may well be of interest to you at one point or another if you’re seriously considering a home in or near the valley.

Fraser Canyon Hiking

This is something that won’t get old even if you move to the area. It’s roughly a two hour drive from the valley to Fraser Canyon, which offers some of the most incredible hikes in British Columbia. There are numerous trails (and cycling routes as well), all through stunning nature and on occasion over suspension bridges spanning rivers. The canyon overall makes for the perfect regular weekend excursion if you like the outdoors, and if beauty is on your list of reasons for considering this part of Canada as a new home.

Victoria Whale Watching

As you’re likely aware, Okanagan Valley is a fair distance inland from the Pacific Coast – but not so far that you can’t make a long day trip or get to the coast for a weekend. One reason to do so is the whale watching that people engage in out of Victoria and Vancouver. It’s a fairly self-explanatory activity, but it’s something you should keep on your list if you move here. There’s nothing else quite like being out on a boat and seeing these magnificent creatures in the wild.

Vancouver Casinos

Casinos aren’t a huge deal in Canada, particularly given that there are now a lot of well-reviewed options for casino gaming online. Many who live in Canada and enjoy this sort of recreation would just as soon sign onto a computer or mobile device to play games. However, if you’re living in close proximity to Vancouver anyway, you may want to take advantage of a spattering of enjoyable brick-and-mortar casinos in its vicinity. The River Rock Casino Resort in particular is a very fun place for a getaway.

Whistler Skiing

Clearly skiing is a seasonal attraction, but if you enjoy it (or snowboarding for that matter), you should certainly be aware that the valley is within driving distance of one of North America’s top ski destinations. Whistler is renowned for its conditions and variety of trails, and gives you the chance to become a regular skier or snowboarder if you take up residence anywhere in or around British Columbia.

Victoria Gardens

We mentioned Victoria already as a base for whale watching. Another reason to go there if you enjoy outdoor recreation but want something a little calmer than whale watching – or skiing or hiking, for that matter – touring some of the public gardens in this area can be a treat. The Butchart Gardens are perhaps the most famous, but there are several incredible gardens in Victoria that can occupy you for hours at a time and make for a wonderful activity on a nice, warm day.



Again, we tend to see recommendations like these aimed at tourists. But if you’re looking at real estate in the Okanagan Valley, you might want to know that these are some of the most popular and engaging activities available at your doorstep within a few hours drive from Kelowna and Vernon in the surrounding area.


Contributed by: Greg Clarke long time BC resident and foremost expert in Real Estate in Kelowna and Vernon BC.

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Attractions around British Columbia


Greg and his wife Sharon are an impressive business team: they are very charismatic, energetic, personable, easily approachable and strongly motivated to assist their clients in reaching their goal in a punctual and always professional manner. I have and will continue to recommend the Clarkes; a team who is sure to exceed anyone’s real estate needs and expectations!
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Attractions around British Columbia


As a young first time home buyer, I had no idea what I was getting into when I started looking for my house. Greg sat down with me to sort out what specifically I was looking for, then set out to find me that property. We started looking at some listings which gave us both a better feel for what I liked or disliked. From that point, by searching the MLS system and talking with other realtors, Greg found a home a little out of my price range but with everything I was looking for. We viewed the house and it was perfect. From there he helped me go through the process of putting in an offer and negotiating the right terms. Luckily, after some back and forth discussion, we were able to come to an agreement with the sellers just within my budget. I’ve been living here now for a year and still think it was the perfect choice. Thanks Greg!
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Attractions around British Columbia


Thank you both so much for all your help in finding us this great home! We are really happy here and are loving the beautiful hanging baskets too so thank you. We really appreciate all you have done and will gladly recommend you!
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